Provide a financial scholarship in memory of a distinguished school named and an honored member of the Wentworth family that fosters tradition, athletes, scholars, and leaders.

Guiding Principles

Memorialize Wentworth Military Academy tradition of athletics, scholastics aptitude, service, and leadership, cultivated by a beloved Academy and exemplified by the life of Kyle Seitsinger. Achieve the honorable.

Funding and Scholarship Amount

▪ Funding: Fully funded scholarship program for +20 years
▪ Replenishment: Interest & perpetual sponsors - (personal & corporate)
▪ Scholarship amount: $2K annually; subject to increases by the board
▪ Frequency of Scholarship(s): Two scholarships; once yearly and $1K each

Names for Scholarships

▪ WMA Memorial Alumni Scholarship ($1,000.00)
▪ The Kyle Seitsinger WMA Service to Country Scholarship ($1,000.00)

Effective Start Date

August 2019 (Awardee Determination – 30 June annually)

Desired Outcome of Scholarships

Scholarship(s) should assist with tuition, fees, living expenses, and books.

Candidate's Eligibility

Wentworth alumni or direct family or spouses or children or other qualified applicant pursuing a high school, undergraduate, graduate, or professional degree at a public or private U.S. based institution, including a goal of service to the United States and/or US Armed Forces.


Applicant(s) demonstrate clear academic goals, extraordinary leadership potential, and a deep desire to create positive change through service to country and community. Applicant(s) are actively pursuing education; demonstrates humble leadership; capable of bringing people together to achieve uncommon results; and creates an impact by serving and strengthening their community


Annual fund will be renewable based on the following: meeting expected graduation date, proof of full-time status, minimum of ~3.0 (C+ or B average), community engagement, documented participation in service, accountability for the use of scholarship funds.

Submission Requirements

Applicant(s) should provide compelling, thoughtful, genuine, and thorough responses. The submission should detail: military and/or service history, academic history, future enrollment plans, expected academic & living expenses, income for the upcoming academic year. Applicant(s) should submit a resume including education, work, public service history, recognition, and awards; including a 250-word biography with photo. Applicant(s) should submit a character recommendation from a third-party and/or WMA alumni. Applicant(s) should submit a response to two essay questions exploring military and/or public service, loyalty, leadership, motivations and experience, educational career and service ambitions. Applicant(s) shall provide proof of enrollment at the school; providing address contact to the bursar office or admission’s payment office; as the scholarship will be paid directly to the school or institution.

For more scholarship information contact: Aubrey Hinds, Director of Scholarships. scholarships@wmamuseum.org