The Wentworth Military Academy Museum has launched its campaign to build the Wentworth Park. Located on nearly an acre of land behind the Museum in Lexington, Missouri, this park will be unlike anything in the Lexington region and is being carefully designed to showcase not only Wentworth's rich history, but also our quickly approaching 150-year partnership with Lexington.

The Museum has taken great pains to make the WMAM Park a place for the community and Alumni to gather and reflect. We promise not only a first-class park, but also an outdoor event space open to the community for concerts and yes, even city-approved bonfires.

As the plans on this website demonstrate, we are well underway. While there will be several opportunities to sponsor various aspects of the park, the most fundamental will be our "buy a brick" program. This is a GRASSROOTS effort and we need each of you to join us in helping create something truly spectacular. We need your support; it's time to get started. Here are a few additional details:

1) We will sell a total of either 1880 or 2017 bricks (TBD, but 1880 is a key threshold). Then no more.

2) The bricks will come in 3 different sizes, with prices starting at $100 for a 4"x8" brick. The larger brick options will have a logo and text option.

3) The park design has several items that are not reflected or immediately evident from the plans, including: a "new" old boy walk, the reinstallation of the Ratcliffe light-post, installation of the benches we rescued from campus (we will need to order replicas as well); "quad green" concrete in certain areas; an outdoor kitchen area, etc.

4) The class monuments that were rescued from campus will be incorporated into the exterior circumference of the fire pit, except for the original welcome to Wentworth stone which will be incorporated into the memorial bell tower along with the original bricks with names on them that were hand-chiseled upon removal.

5) The bell tower will be 18'8" tall; the fire pit will be 18'8" in circumference; we will be planting 137 of some type of bush or shrubbery.

6) The park will be highly monitored and well lit to ensure its security.

7) We are reserving portions of the park for things we haven't thought of yet!!!

Sponsor a brick for yourself to memorialize your time at Wentworth! Sponsor a brick for that teacher or faculty member who made the difference in your life; sponsor a brick for a parent or loved one who worked at Wentworth or who sacrificed to allow you to attend the "School We Love So Well." Sponsor a brick for your roommate, a veteran or a loved one.

As Chairman of the Museum, I have used my position of "being in the know" on this project to sponsor the first brick. It's a 12x12 with the following inscription: "With deep appreciation to the citizens of Lexington and countless Old Boys and Friends of Wentworth Military Academy who came together to make The Wentworth Museum and this park a reality." The brick will contain two logos: the seal of the City of Lexington as well and the crest of the Wentworth Museum. What will yours say??



George J. Hittner
Chairman, WMA Museum
WMA Old Boy and Lexington Resident - 1991-1997

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published 4/3/2019