A Few Changes at The Wentworth Military Academy Museum

We had a great Homecoming 2023 weekend in Lexington, MO. If you missed it, here are some of the changes that happened:

I assumed command as Chairman of the Museum. In this role the board and I will be working toward goals to move the Museum forward.

1880 Society: Encouraging more Alumni, family, and friends of Wentworth to sign up for the 1880 society either by a monthly donation of $18.80, or $250.60 in one annual payment, or perhaps even $1,880 for a lifetime membership. A few donors have committed $18,800 to the Museum! The $18.80/Month memberships pay all the day to day expenses of running the Museum. Your commitment matters!

Work Weekends: We will have a minimum of 4 work weekends a year. There is still a lot to be done, and we could use all the help we can get from our volunteers.

Communications: I know we all get a lot of emails. I will be working towards communication throughout the year by email, and social media. I will also make myself available for phone calls concerning the Museum, as well as Q&A sessions through Zoom.

Homecoming: I asked many of you at homecoming for suggestions and input on what you would like to see and do at homecoming weekends. I have received some great feedback so far and look forward to working with you moving forward. If you have suggestions, please send them to me through email. If you mention it to me in passing, most likely I will forget it.

Curator: Sue Webster mother of alumnus Matt/Donavan Webster has been with us since the beginning and has given us her all when it came to giving tours, scheduled tours, guest events, group events, sorting, organizing, new displays, etc. Effective October 1 Sue has hung up her spurs as our Museum curator. This was a hard one. That being said, Annie Durigan has accepted the position of curator. Annie has big shoes to fill, but we are confident she is up to the task. Annie is the mother in-law of alumnus CSM Darvin Williams, US Army; so like Sue she has a vested interest in the Museum.

Teamwork/Partnership: The Museum and Endowment will continue to work hand in hand to accomplish goals. We will also be working with outside organizations to attract visitors to the Museum.

To join or renew your 1880 Socierty membership please Click Here (we have a new landing page for donations), or you can even make a custom donation.

With your help we will continue to “Achieve The Honorable!!!”

James L. Lowman

WMA Museum Co-Founder and Chairman
WMA Classes of 1995 and 1997

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published 11/21/2023